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Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Diagnostic analysis of a record-breaking rainstorm process caused by a weak tropical depression in Guangxi coastal
QIN Hao, NONG Mengsong, ZHAI Liping, LI Jiaying, ZHANG Huijing, LAN Ying, HUANG Qing, QIU Zi, HUANG Minghua
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230121
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The application of approximate Riemann solver for nonhydrostatic atmospheric models
WEI Jieshu, CHEN Chungang, ZHANG Yinzheng, TANG Jie, SHEN Xueshun, XIAO Feng, LI Xingliang
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230130
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The characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer turbulence over the Tibetan Plateau based on the ground-based C-band vertical radar
HONG Lan, WANG Yinjun, RUAN Zheng, BAO Yansong
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230141
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The construction and preliminary application of the direct assimilation operator for dual polarimetric radars under variational assimilation framework
ZHANG Haiyang, CHEN Yaodeng, SUN Tao, CHEN Min, HUANG Xiang-Yu, SUN Jian, WANG Ruichun, FAN Shuiyong
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230137
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Impact of Coupled Assimilation on Subseasonal Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice in the BCC-CSM
QIU Sunjunjie, LIU Xiangwen, YAO Junchen
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230117
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Investigation into the Causes of Occasional poor Midium-Range Weather Forecast of CMA-GFS over the East Asia Region
Li li, Yang xuesheng, Chen qiying, ,
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20240015
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Circulation Classification for Persistent Heavy Precipitation Processes in the Yangtze River Basin based on SOM
yang yahan, 北京, zhou baiquan
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20240035
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Attention-Unet-based FY-4A satellite precipitation estimation
GUAN Jiping, GAO Yanbo, HUANG Conglei, LI Ji, ZHANG Lifeng
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230037
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Analysis on Weather Causes of a spring extreme rain-snow event under warm-dry backgroud condition over Henan
Chen Shuang, Fu Jiaolan, Li Xiaolan, Jin Ronghua, Chen Yun, Wang Yanjie
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230124
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The GRIST single-column model and its application in evaluating two physics parameterization packages
Zhang Meng, Li Xiaohan, ,
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230152
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A study on the difference of raindrop spectra between coastal plain and mountain areas in Fujian Province
Lijinliang, Zhengjiafeng, Xuelifu, Zengzhengmao, Peichangchun, Chenyangruixue, Yangshulin
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230171
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Research on Diurnal Variations of Precipitation and Wind in Boundary Layer adjacent to the Dabie Mountains During May to July
Chen Tao, Chen Yun, Zhneg Lina, Chen Shuang, Chen Boyu, Xu Jun
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230108
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Fine Characteristics of the July 2023 Extreme Rainfall in North China and Associated Synoptic Weather Patterns
Chen Tao, CHEN Yun, 方翀, DONG Lin, Fu Jiaolan, Fu Jiaolan, Fu Jiaolan, SHI Yan, Fu Jiaolan, Fu Jiaolan, Fu Jiaolan, Quan Wanqing
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20240036
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The characteristics and research on the water vapor condition of the
Yao Xiuping, 黄逸飞, Bao Xiaohong, Li Ruoying, Zhou Yaxuan, Ma Jiali
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230144
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Improvement of WRF-Chem for PM2.5 forecasting using assimilated data in North China Plain in autumn
Li Wenkai, Chen Yaodeng, Chen Dan
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20240021
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Analysis of the Impact of Mass–Wind Balance Relationships on Surface Data Assimilation of High Resolution Regional Model
DING Weiyu, WAN Qilin, XUE Jishan, HE Jie, WANG Hong
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230142
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Analysis on Climate Background of the Abnormal Cold and Wet/Warm and Dry Winters in Southwest China
PANG Yishu, Zhou Changyan, Wang Shunjiu, LUO Yu
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230131
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Seasonal variation characteristics of the subarctic front in North Pacific and its relationship with the mid-latitude atmosphere
ZHANG Ran, CHEN Shengjie, Huang Jing
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230119
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Study on variational quality control of data assimilation in Tibetan Plateau: parameters optimization and effective assimilation
Yang Jiarui, He Jie, MA XULIN, Hao Bingjie, Zhang Tongtong
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230138
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A methodological study of GRAPES global hybrid four-dimensional variational assimilation system
WANG Fan, GONG Jiandong, WANG Ruichun, CHEN Yaodeng
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230140
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Research on the revised deep learning method of ECMWF forecast product based on DEM and FY-4A data
Tan Ling, Qiao Liu, Xia Jingming
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230061
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The persistence of the North Pacific SST response to ENSO events
qu chang, qi li
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230127
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Analysis of diurnal variation of the short-duration rainfall event in the North China Plain and five cities along mountains and along the coast during the summer season
dingyi, dou jing jing, WANG Yingchun, MIAO Shiguang, FAN Liqiang
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230147
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A precipitation forecast jumpiness index based on FSS and its application
xue yi di, 黄向宇, lu bing, chen min, xia yu
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230097
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Research on radar echo extrapolation based on ConvLSTM fusion of RMAPS-NOW data
wangshanhao, HU Zhi qun
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230135
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Diagnosis of potential vorticity dynamics of mesoscale vortex and vertical motion development during the torrential rain event in northern Henan from 20 to 22 July 2021
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230072
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Spatial and temporal characteristics of cloud water resources in Northwest China from 2000 to 2019
yu jie, Cai Miao, Zhou Yuquan, Zhao Junjie, Ou Jianjun
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230109
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Projected changes in wind and rainfall associated with the tropical cyclones landing in China based on an ensemble of RegCM4 simulations
Wu Jie, Shi Ying
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230116
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An Objective Identification Algorithm and Spatiotemporal Distributions of Convection Initialization over the Urban Agglomeration Region in Jiangsu-and-Shanghai during the Post-Meiyu Period.
CAO Linxi, WU Mengwen, LUO Yali, CHEN Feng
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230168
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Study and application of method for estimating rainstorm return period from short-series high-density station data
, , , , , , , ,
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230136
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Climatic Characteristics and Environmental Conditions of Tornadoes in Guangdong under the Background of Tropical Cyclones
, , , , ,
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230125
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Periodic characteristics and variation trend of summer cloud amounts over China
, ,
DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230008
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The impacts of 10—20 d vs. 30—60 d low-frequency oscillations on South China pre-flood season persistent heavy rainfall: Comparison and associated mechanisms
ZANG Yuxin, HSU Pang-Chi, GAO Yingxia
2024, 82(2): 137-154. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230033
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Observational analysis of the topographic effect of Mount Tai on an extreme rainfall event occurring at the edge of the subtropical high
ZHENG Lina, SUN Jisong
2024, 82(2): 155-167. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230094
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Comparative analysis of the performance of East Asian winter monsoon indices in capturing winter climate change over China
AO Kangshun, GENG Xin, ZHANG Wenjun, WANG Lin
2024, 82(2): 168-189. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230111
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Development of the CMA-GEPS extreme forecast index and its application to verification of summer 2022 extreme high temperature forecasts
PENG Fei, CHEN Jing, LI Xiaoli, GAO Li
2024, 82(2): 190-207. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230017
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A reformulation of the minimization control variables in the CMA-MESO km-scale variational assimilation system
WANG Ruichun, GONG Jiandong, SUN Jian
2024, 82(2): 208-221. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230076
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Establishment of a parameterization of lightning channel state changes and numerical simulation of lightning cut-off and re-breakdown
ZHANG Yuankan, ZHENG Tianxue, TAN Yongbo, TANG Bo
2024, 82(2): 222-235. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230079
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Spaceborne radar-based precipitation retrieval: Sensitivity analysis
WU Qiong, YIN Honggang, CHEN Lin, SHANG Jian, GU Songyan, LU Naimeng
2024, 82(2): 236-246. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230115
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Methodology in pre-assessment of the cold surge induced risks in Jiangsu province of China
GU Rongzhi, TIAN Xinru, YU Liangyu, CHEN Xiaoyu, LI Zeyu
2024, 82(2): 247-256. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230085
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Early recognition of the mountainous areas susceptible to flash flood and sediment disasters during rainstorms: Data-driven methods
LIU Haizhi, XU Hui, BAO Hongjun, SONG Qiaoyun, LU Heng, YAN Xufeng, DI Jingyue, YANG Yin
2024, 82(2): 257-273. DOI: 10.11676/qxxb2024.20230075
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